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Who Needs Property CGI's and Why?

It’s not just estate agents that require the best images for marketing reasons, it’s also property developers, architects, stakeholders and interior designers. The 3D CGI service is popular because they are detailed, photorealistic images created using computer software to represent buildings and interiors that do not yet exist. These images can depict anything from a single room to an entire property development, including exterior too, showcasing architectural designs in a visually compelling way.


Property Developers

For developers, helping potential clients to visualise their homes before it's built is crucial in the decision process.  Developers can use property CGI in a variety of marketing materials such as hoardings, brochures, social media and websites to generate interest and pre-sell off-plan builds. A great tool for the sales team.

Many people require the 3D imagery to get a clearer understanding rather than relying on the flat prints. Property CGI's allow buyers to have more confidence in what they are buying and developers secure investment which is a huge help towards cash flow.


Architects and Interior Designers

Presenting designs to clients with lifelike images helps convey ideas more effectively. Clear visuals can simplify discussions with stakeholders, making it easier to obtain necessary approvals. Even individual homeowners and buyers can leverage property CGI's to visualise renovations before they make a commitment. Buyers can use interior CGI's to personalise and decorate the space. We can even add in the dog to make it feel like home!


Creating a physical model or waiting for a property to be built can be time-consuming and expensive. Property CGI's offer a cost-effective alternative that can be produced quickly and updated easily as designs change.

Whether you're a developer, architect, estate agent, or homeowner, the benefits of using CGI's are clear. At Rowe & Co, we specialise in creating stunning, photorealistic Property CGI's that bring your visions to life. Our turnaround is fast and our prices are competitive.



Rowe & Co is a creative production studio specialising in high-end property CGI and marketing collateral services for residential and commercial clients. Based in Dorset we work throughout the UK.

Have a project in mind that could benefit from stunning CGI renders? Don't hesitate to reach out! Connect with us on LinkedIn or visit our website at Rowe & Co to learn more.


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