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How CGI is transforming how you sell your off-plan property

Updated: Jan 15

Imagine a world where your property plans aren't just a 2D technical drawing on paper. Well, hold onto your hard hat because there is such a thing...

Architectural CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) creates realistic images, from a digital 3D model to realistic looking images of property interiors and exteriors. You’ll find examples of CGI plans over on our Instagram page

Creating these realistic images isn’t just about seeing; it's about helping your buyer experience their dream space in all its three-dimensional glory.

Property visualisation has become a powerful marketing tool, especially when it comes to marketing property off-plan. These virtual experiences allow individuals to look at the property as if they are physically present. It allows buyers to explore every nook and cranny, envisioning themselves (and their furniture) in the space. This method of marketing not only saves time for both parties but also creates a sense of connection and familiarity with the property, making it more likely for buyers to commit confidently to an off-plan purchase.

High-quality property CGI images and virtual tours can be used in brochures, websites, and other promotional materials. This not only attracts more potential buyers but also helps in pre-selling properties, which therefore secures funding for the development.

Property CGI has streamlined the design phase of property development by allowing architects and designers to experiment with various styles and layouts quickly. This flexibility enables quick adjustments to the initial concept, ultimately saving time and resources. Developers can explore different architectural styles, interior designs, and landscaping options in a virtual environment before finalising plans for construction.

It's like playing Sims for real-life property development!

Architectural CGI can also significantly reduce costs associated with the development process. By using CGI for visualisation and design, developers can identify and rectify potential issues in the early stages of the project, preventing costly changes during the construction phase.

We are more than happy to have a chat about your needs and explain how we can support you in the best possible way.



Rowe & Co is a creative production studio specialising in high-end property CGI and marketing collateral services for residential and commercial clients. Based in Dorset we work throughout the UK.

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