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What is Architectural Visualisation?

Updated: Jan 15

An architects design and vision can be a truly wonderful thing however as good as designs are, there is nothing like being able to convert these into an image or a virtual model that enables customers, designers or other key stakeholders to really understand the vision before the build. That is where architectural visualisation comes in.

Visualisations can come in a number of forms, from 3D floor plans, to photorealistic images and video fly throughs and can cover interiors or exteriors from any desired angle or time of day. This wide range of flexibility that can be afforded means that they can be used to cover a wide range of potential uses, just some of these are outlined below:

  • Marketing and selling properties off plan This is the primary reason a lot of developers look for architectural visualisations is to start building up some marketing collateral that can be used as part of the sales journey before the property is built. Being able to secure reservations in advance of a development being completed is a huge benefit to developers ensuring that the risk of a delay to return on investment is mitigated as much as possible.

  • Customer feedback and design iteration The design journey of some developments are not always strait forward, the use of Visualisations can really help convey the details of a particular design point of the interior or exterior of a property and help on decision making. Being able to see and mitigate design points or material selections before build adds some cost to the design process however this is nothing compared to the potential impact of making changes during or after the build.

  • Planning and stakeholder management Being able to understand stakeholders perspectives is critical to being able to ensure planning approval. Often the best way that these concerns can be managed is by showing a visualisation of the development as proposed and you can even use real photos from around the site to create a photomontage if needed. A picture paints a thousand words and, if used well, can really make planning a lot less stressful.

At Rowe & Co we are experienced in being able to work with developers, architects and all other stakeholders and are more than happy to help wherever you need us. Please reach out and let us see how we can help.



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