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Who are Rowe & Co and why you should work with us

Updated: Jan 15

In the bustling property industry, the ability to sell property to customers off-plan and quickly is paramount. Architects create remarkable designs, but the true magic lies in transforming these blueprints into tangible images or virtual models that enable clients and stakeholders to fully grasp the concept of what they are investing in before construction commences. This is where architectural visualisation steps in, and Rowe & Co are experienced and passionate about partnering with property developers and architects to bring visions to life.

Designing, building, and fitting out a property is hard work with many businesses and trades to deal with, not all of which will go well and on time and to the quality you need. Add to that the need to try and get the project finished as quickly as possible after a long period of continuous bills, marketing towards the end of a project can be 'another' stress that can seem unbearable. At Rowe & Co we understand that and bring these key qualities to all that we do.

Quality We will only deliver content to you that we have checked through and are happy to stand behind. Once you see what we produce it is not uncommon for some tweaks to be made to correct and get exactly the 'feel' that you need and that is absolutely no problem as we include 2 sets of amends in every project.

Adaptable Due to being a small business we are dynamic and flexible and more than happy to work with you to address any particular problems that you may have. We welcome a challenge and are only to happy to have a discussion with you and work out how we can work together to find a solution. Our standard lead time is 7 working days and on certain occasions, if we have capacity we may be able to beat that - if we can help you we will.

Dependable Reliable partnerships are key and Rowe & Co are here to become that. There are a lot of stresses with property developments and there is no need for the marketing side to be part of that, we would like to become a reliable partner that you can have confidence and trust in to deliver for your project.

Experienced Our director Jennifer has been working in the property industry for 15 years starting in an established marketing agency before setting out on her own in 2018. Across this time Jennifer has been delivering a range of print and digital collateral elements for a range of development sizes. Ranging from developments of 50+ properties, through commercial properties to single images for property renovations, Jennifer has the experience to be able to help.

Since we started in 2018 our customer base has grown but the majority of our business comes from customers coming back to us time and time again, some with over 10 projects in the time. We look forward to working with you on your next development - and all that follow!



Rowe & Co is a creative production studio specialising in high-end property CGI and marketing collateral services for residential and commercial clients. Based in Dorset we work throughout the UK.

Get in touch if you would like to find out more:


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