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What sells a home?



Images of the rooms, of the garden, of the neighbourhood … what else? Viewing the property. What if the house hasn’t been built yet? How do you sell your development then?


Architectural CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) creates realistic images, from a digital 3D model to realistic looking images of property interiors and exteriors. You’ll find examples of property CGI plans over on our Instagram page


Walking through a site with work ongoing, armed with architectural plans and flat 2D floor plans do communicate a lot however, this simply might not be enough to push the buyer over the line due to a lack of connection and not everyone can visualise the end of result.


We create stunning, realistic visuals of interiors for developers and interior designers. From the colour scheme to the furniture, property CGI enables you to see every detail before a single brick is laid. This not only helps in decision-making but also allows you to get a true sense of the space and imagine yourself living or working within it.


Property CGI also allows for customisation and flexibility. Want to see how the kitchen would look with a different worktop or how the living room would feel with a different layout? CGI makes it possible to experiment with various design options, saving time and money on costly changes down the line.


What is property CGI?

Property CGI, or Computer-Generated Imagery, is a technology that uses computer graphics to create realistic visual representations of objects or spaces. By using advanced 3D modelling and rendering techniques, property CGI can produce highly detailed and lifelike visualisations that are almost indistinguishable from real photographs.


How property CGI Can Enhance the Marketing Process.

Property CGI revolutionises the marketing process by providing a level of detail and realism that traditional methods can’t achieve.


·      Immersive Experience: Property CGI allows buyers to have a more detailed experience of the room as if it were already built. By providing a 360-degree view of the space, CGI enables clients to explore every corner and interact with the environment, creating a truly immersive experience.


·      Material and Texture Realism: With property CGI, designers can accurately represent different materials and textures, such as wood, marble, or fabric, with astonishing realism. This level of detail helps clients understand various elements within the space.


·      Lighting and Shadow Effects: Property CGI allows for precise control over lighting and shadow effects, creating an accurate representation of how natural and artificial light will interact with the space.


·      Spatial Awareness: Property CGI enables clients to grasp the spatial layout of a property better. By virtually navigating through the space, clients can understand the proportions, scale, and flow of the design, providing valuable insights for decision-making.



Rowe & Co is a creative production studio specialising in high-end property CGI and marketing collateral services for residential and commercial clients. Based in Dorset we work throughout the UK.

Get in touch if you would like to find out more:


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