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A Property Marketing Case Study: Project Smithfield House

Have you ever wondered how those stunning architectural renders come to life, making you picture yourself in a beautiful new space? Well, let us take you behind the scenes of a recent project where we had the privilege to collaborate on an exciting venture: Smithfield House.

A LinkedIn Connection Sparks Opportunity

It all began with a simple connection on LinkedIn. A few months back, I reached out to a member of a particular property development team, extending an offer for property CGI (computer-generated images) services. Little did I know that this small gesture would lead to a significant project down the line.

Fast forward to a critical moment in the companies journey with Smithfield House: they were gearing up for the Phase 2 launch and needed high-quality architectural CGI renders promptly. Their existing property CGI team couldn't meet the tight timeframe, prompting them to explore other options. Remembering our LinkedIn interaction, they reached out, and the rest, as they say, is history.


Bringing Phase 2 to Life

The client entrusted us with a vital task: to create architectural CGI renders that would captivate potential buyers and set the stage for the Phase 2 launch of Smithfield House. The requirements were clear: exterior and interior visuals that showcased the essence of the project.

Here's a breakdown of what we delivered:

·      1 x aerial view

·      2 x street scenes

·      1 x corner view

·      2 x courtyard/inner garden


·      1 x Lobby / reception area

·      1 x Apartment kitchen / dining area

·      1 x Apartment lounge area

·      1 x Apartment bedroom


From Concept to Completion

With time being of the essence, we wasted no time diving into the project. Leveraging our expertise in property CGI visualisation, we worked quickly and carefully to translate the clients vision into stunning visuals. Collaborating closely with their team, we ensured that every detail was meticulously crafted, from the placement of furniture to the play of light and shadow.

Despite the tight deadline, our commitment to excellence never wavered. We poured our heart and soul into every render, knowing that each image played a crucial role in shaping the narrative of Smithfield House.

The Verdict: A Testament to Quality and Reliability

In the end, our efforts paid off. The client was thrilled with the results, receiving the CGI renders in time for their Phase 2 launch. Joe shared his feedback:

We had a time-critical project that we needed high-quality CGI's for, and our previous suppliers were unable to deliver in the timeframe that we needed. We contacted Jenny at Rowe & Co as we had heard and seen good things and got the images delivered in time to great quality! We will definitely be reconsidering who we use moving forward based on this performance.”

Conclusion: A Collaborative Success Story

The journey of bringing Smithfield House to life through property visualisation was not just about creating visuals; it was about collaboration, commitment, and exceeding expectations. Our partnership with Pthe client exemplifies the power of connections and the art of turning dreams into reality, one pixel at a time.

As we look back on this project, we're reminded of the transformative impact that CGI visualisation can have, not just on buildings, but on people's lives and their aspirations. And for that, we're grateful to have played a part in our clients journey with Smithfield House.


With the right team by your side, anything is possible.



Rowe & Co is a creative production studio specialising in high-end property CGI and marketing collateral services for residential and commercial clients. Based in Dorset we work throughout the UK.

Have a project in mind that could benefit from stunning CGI renders? Don't hesitate to reach out! Connect with us on LinkedIn or visit our website at Rowe & Co to learn more.


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