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Villa Esplanade



Our team was commissioned as the CGI specialists to produce interior and exterior CGI renderings for 27 luxurious apartments. These apartments are located within the historic former Villa Esplanade Hotel in Scarborough, a Grade-II listed building situated near the town centre. Dating back to 1834, the hotel's rich history added an extra layer of excitement and interest to our project.

Our primary objective was to create high-quality CGI renderings for marketing purposes, which included:

  • 3 exterior street views

  • 7 interior views showcasing various apartments, the roof terrace, gym, and staircase

Utilising CGI in marketing provides stakeholders, including planners, architects, designers, developers, and the local community, with a clear visualisation of the project. Given the historical significance of the building, our role was particularly crucial. Presenting how the luxury apartments would integrate into their surroundings, considering elements such as lighting, materials, and landscaping, had a more profound impact than traditional 2D drawings.


The design incorporated original features within the building with a modern and contemporary feel. The CGI renderings played a pivotal role in marketing the apartments prior to construction. They were prominently displayed on exterior signage and provided to estate agents for promotional purposes.

The development company told us, "In my opinion, the best in the industry." We couldn’t be happier with this testimonial and it’s a testament to our dedication and expertise.

Villa Esplanade, Scarborough

Exterior CGI, Interior CGI


House 1 Living Room.jpg


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