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The Steadings


It was exciting to be involved with this project. Spanning 300 acres, the latest development in Cirencester will introduce 2,350 new homes in different phases. Located in the picturesque countryside of Gloucestershire, The Steadings will be a seamlessly integrated, sustainable community.


We were tasked with providing high-quality exterior CGI’s of a number of houses on the development including a site plan of the development for marketing purposes. They required:

  • X 17 Exterior CGI’s

  • X 1 Site Plan

By using CGI in a developments marketing, it allows architects, designers, developers and the local community to visualise the development before the construction begins. Understanding how the homes will look in its environment, including factors like lighting, materials, landscaping and parking makes a much bigger impression than 2D drawings.


A series of high-quality CGI’s used for marketing including for their website and social media platforms to help sell the properties off-plan. We skilfully showcased the envisioned architectural aesthetic, prominently featuring the locally sourced Cotswold stone, providing potential buyers with an authentic glimpse into the The Steadings build. The finished 2D site plan acts as a map showcasing the site's positioning in relation to adjacent roads, structures, and surrounding land.

This particular plan allows potential buyers to view the green land, location of the homes available and the space available.

Cirencester, UK

Exterior CGI, Site Plan


House 1 Living Room.jpg


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