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Smithfield House


We had the privilege of working on this beautiful project, showcasing the exterior view and the intimate interior of the modern apartments of Smithfield House. We had a tight deadline to complete the property CGI’s but this is something that we are used to and we confidently delivered stunning CGI renders that brought the build to life.


We were asked to create exterior and interior CGI’s of the following:

  • 1 x aerial view

  • 2 x street scenes

  • 1 x corner view

  • 2 x courtyard/inner garden

  • 1 x Lobby / reception area

  • 1 x Apartment kitchen / dining area

  • 1 x Apartment lounge area

  • 1 x Apartment bedroom

With time constraints looming and previous suppliers unable to meet the project's demands, the pressure was on. The development team needed a partner who could deliver exceptional quality within the stipulated timeframe.


A set of high-quality CGI renders that exceeded the client's expectations and served as invaluable marketing collateral for the launch of phase 2. The feedback from the company not only spoke of the images that were delivered on time but also said that they met the highest standards of quality.

We created an exterior CGI from their architectural plans and made them 3D from an aerial viewpoint. This is an intricate process but when completed you can see not only where the light bounces off the building but what the development will look like from different angles amongst the surrounding area.


We had a time critical project that we needed high quality CGI's for and our previous suppliers were unable to deliver in the timeframe that we needed. We contacted Jenny at Rowe & Co as we had heard and seen good things and got the images delivered in time to great quality! We will definitely be reconsidering who we use moving forward based on this performance. – Joe, Birmingham

Birmingham, UK

Exterior CGI, Interior CGI


House 1 Living Room.jpg


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