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Global Technologies Racing


This commercial development is for 5000sq m of industrial floor space, east of Fontwell Park Racecourse. GTR has decades of experience and success within high-level motorsport. They now supply a broad range of industries including Aerospace and Defence, which has led them to the forefront of their industry.

When applying for planning permission, a plan, layout, and visuals were required for a clearer understanding of the proposal.


GTR required exterior and interior CGI’s for planning permission and to show the company employees how the office area and the car showroom could look. They also required a block plan to show location and the surrounding new development which will be built soon.


We produced realistic CGI renderings of both the exterior and interior of the buildings, seamlessly integrated into its surrounding environment. We understood that the location was important to the area due to the greenspace so we ensured that the landscape and planting were included which is in keeping with the surrounding area. 

Additionally, our renderings showcase the play of natural light from various perspectives, providing insight into how it will interact with the architecture. Inside, the intricate details are vividly portrayed, offering a genuine sense of entering the space. This immersive experience extends to capturing the views of the surroundings from within the building.


I have worked with Jenny at Rowe & Co for a number of years across a number of commercial and agricultural developments. I’ve always found them to be really easy to work with, on time and quality is exceptional. Highly recommend their services to anyone in the agricultural industry. – Rob, East Sussex

Arundel, West Sussex

Exterior CGI, Interior CGI, Site Plan


House 1 Living Room.jpg


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