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Dudsbury Road


Positioned just a short distance from the heart of Ferndown, No. 1 Dudsbury Road has passed the planning application and is currently in the design process. This build is set to be a contemporary apartment block spanning two levels.

The developers, Ikonic Homes is a family-run Dorset company that prides itself on nothing but the best workmanship and quality of builds. It has been a pleasure to support this local business.


We were tasked with providing high-quality CGI’s for marketing purposes. They required:

  • Exterior street view

  • Interior kitchen / living area, bedroom and bathroom

  • Hoarding design (signage)

Visualisations can go a long way in bridging the gap and helping stakeholders, local authorities and prospective buyers understand the property, how it sits in the local environment, what the interior could look like and even the more intricate detail of how the sunlight will fall on the property at certain times of day.


A series of high-quality CGI’s showcasing the simple and luxurious interior design of the kitchen, living area, bedroom and bathroom and the exterior in its environment. These are being used for estate agent listings, new development announcements, and hoardings around the development. The hoarding design incorporates the new Ikonic Homes branding and development CGI’s.

To create the CGI’s, we worked closely with the client who provided the CAD drawings, material schedule and the landscape plan for us to match.

Ferndown, Dorset

Exterior CGI, 3D Rendering


House 1 Living Room.jpg


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