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Bolbec Mead



Our team was tasked with creating a comprehensive suite of marketing materials for Bolebec Mead. This included everything from a visually stunning brochure to a website design. With twenty-one homes in this idyllic village, we were asked to create:

Brochures still remain a key piece of collateral for developers as having something for prospective purchasers to hold in their hand physically can make all the difference. Property visualisation has become a powerful marketing tool, especially when it comes to marketing property off-plan. These allow individuals to look at the property as if they are physically present. It allows buyers to envision themselves (and their furniture) in the space.


Drawing inspiration from the development's picturesque setting, we mindfully crafted the visual design of both the brochure and website to reflect the essence of Bolebec Mead. We encapsulated the vision of modern living amidst the esquisite countryside, not just through words but through architectural CGI.

Rightmove listings were created for each plot including a digital brochure. We needed to showcase the detailed design and carefully considered traditional construction that were carefully thought out throughout the development to fit the sensitivity of the surrounding area. The brochure also allowed the company to highlight additional information of the sustainable building systems used that create these beautiful smart-eco-friendly homes.

3D rendering emphasised the unique features and benefits of each property, helping to communicate the value proposition more effectively. We were able to highlight aspects such as architecture, interior design, amenities, and location in a visually appealing way.

The brochure was also printed for the estate agents to provide to potential home buyers. The website was used for anyone passing looking up details online.

Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire

Exterior CGI, Floor Plan, Brochure Design, Site Plan, Website Design


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