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Alton Road


We were commissioned to produce CGI renderings for a property development in Poole. Property visualisation, including both property and architectural CGI, play a crucial role in marketing properties that are in the process of being built. At Rowe and Co, we help potential buyers to visualise the property beyond 2D architectural plans through compelling visual representations.


We were asked to generate exterior and interior CGI renderings based on specifications provided by the architects and insights from the developer. Our client required us to encapsulate the stunning design and superior quality of the property in these images, with the aim to bring this family home to life. Specifically, we were tasked with creating CGI renderings for the front elevation and the kitchen/living area - the heart of the home.


We created a series of exquisite CGI renderings that not only showcase the property's remarkable design and high-quality finish but also serve as marketing assets for a local estate agent for selling the property during its construction phase.

Through 3D rendering, we successfully highlighted key aspects such as architectural elements, parking facilities, and spaciousness, enhancing the overall marketing impact.

We were delighted when our client told us that the exterior CGI exceeded his expectations, and he will be in contact again for any future developments.

Poole, Dorset

Exterior CGI, Interior CGI, 3D Rendering


House 1 Living Room.jpg


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